Tuesday 6 December 2016

Loving Earth Review & Giveaway

Whilst it was the gorgeous packaging that first drew me towards the Loving Earth stall at the Just V show earlier this year I was further sucked in by their ridiculously delicious chocolate bars - raw food has no business being this good! Their flavours range from the super dark 85% Dark bar all the way through to the Creamy bar which is made from 47% cacao and 23% coconut.

My veganism has always been driven by my love for animals first but my love for the environment comes in a close second. I know, I know, I fly a lot but I also pay to recycle all of the plastics, try to buy products in recycled packaging or, even better, with no packaging, I travel by train or bus whenever time allows, and I've never owned a car. What I'm saying is that whilst I was originally sucked in by the taste of these coconuty chocolate treats I've become a loyal customer because it turns out that Loving Earth really do love the earth.

Their whole philosophy is based upon respect for the environment and sustainability plays a big part in that. Loving Earth's bars come in 80g and 30g packs and all of their packaging is sustainable, the 80g boxes are made from post-consumer fibres and printed with vegetable inks and the 30g packs are compostable and made from cellulose from sustainably managed trees. Even the clear film the chocolate itself is wrapped in is made from a 100% renewable and compostable vegetable source.

The other totally radical thing about Loving Earth is that they believe in treating people fairly too. This shouldn't be radical but sadly in these days of mass inequality and out of control capitalism caring for people who are less well off than you is a radical act. Loving Earth's chocolate bars are Food Empowerment Project certified which means that they don't source any of their cocoa from areas where child slavery is rife. If this is an issue that you care about I would strongly suggest not only downloading The Food Empowerment Project's handy free app but also e-mailing the companies you buy from, or have bought from in the past, who are on their not recommended list. It's so important to let these companies know that you won't purchase their chocolate until they make 100% sure that child labour and slavery were not a part of their supply chain.

Flavour wise the Loving Earth range is made up of eleven coconut nectar sweetened bars and flavours range from the fruity, Raspberry, Lemon, and Mandarin, to creamy bars like Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Mylk, Creamy, and Caramel, all the way through to the more intense dark chocolate in the Dark, 85% Dark, and Mint bars. I like them all but I've fallen head over heels for a few of the flavours. I'm totally in love with the creamy, rich, 42% cocoa butter, Hazelnut bar which includes 30% raw creamed hazelnuts. It's a totally dreamy bar of chocolate and one that I will be buying over and over.

Superfat Crop Top Girl Gang colouring book from rachelecateyes on Etsy.

Next on my favourites list is the very lightly salted Salted Caramel bar closely followed by the straight up Caramel bar. Both have a cacao content of 36% making them delightfully creamy. I'm also really digging the Mylk and Creamy bars and, when I want something totally different, the 85% Dark bar is intensely rich and I often find that one or two squares is enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings. 

If these bars sound like something that you need to get your hands on asap then you can get your Loving Earth fix from Planet Organic in London, Brighton's Infinity Foods, and Surbiton Natural Health Centre among others. Let me know if you've seen Loving Earth bars at an independent health food store near you so that I can update this list!

Because it seemed totally unfair to tell you all about these delicious chocolate bars and not let you get in on some of the creamy cocoa based action yourself, and because it's nearly Christmas, myself and the wonderful people at Loving Earth have put together a little giveaway for Vegan in Brighton readers. 

Three lucky winners will win three Loving Earth bars each, one bar of Salted Caramel, one bar of 85% Dark, and one bar of Hazelnut. The giveaway is open to residents of the UK and all that you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me who you'd share your chocolate bars with as well as your contact details - Twitter, Instagram, and e-mail are all a-ok. The competition closes at 23:59 on Friday 16th December and the winners will be notified on Saturday 17th December. Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Loving Earth but as always all opinions are both totally unbiased and 100% my own.


  1. These all sound amazing and look beautiful. I would share my chocolates with my wonderful work friends. @londonveganbird.com and my email is londonveganbird@gmail.com Great post. Karen x

  2. Yum!! I'd share them with my boyfriends in my continuing attempts to sway him veganwards! @veganburd

  3. Yassss best chocolate ever! I would probably end up sharing it with you because we tend to eat chocolate a lot that's what we do that's what we do! @laughfrodisiac

  4. I have a mighty need! (And enough friends with UK addresses to provide one...and hope they leave me some...)

  5. So, I splashed out and bought a bar of the Salted Caramel when I was in Brighton. It was amazing and possibly the creamiest chocolate bar I have ever had! I tried to make it last, but my husband was at my shoulder eating it too and so it didn't last very long! I am longing to try the hazelnut bar as it sounds delightful. And I would share it with my husband. Probably. Except he doesn't like nuts. But that's his problem, not mine ;)

    I'm @yixzyy on ig.

  6. These look great.
    If I won I'd share them with my three chocolate loving children.
    IG is loulfh

  7. I'd share it with my mate Rich & his family. We've recently reconnected after years of being busy-busy abroad in different parts of the world. Rich, his mum & gran saved my Xmas in 2003 and I've never forgotten it. Indeed, it was my first Xmas back in Britain after many years — *and* that was my first ever Xmas in the UK outside of London. Big ups to Dunstable! :-) @thebigbunny (Twitter & FB)

  8. It would have to be shared with hubby (he is watching me type this, so can't choose anyone else!). This chocolate looks delicious!!


  9. I don't like raw chocolate as a rule, but Loving Earth transcends raw chocolate, it is something delicious and wonderful. I knew they were a cool company, but didn't know how cool until I saw your post. Though I must find some of their dark chocolate, I am into dark chocolate.
    I am not entering the competition because I live over the seas, in fact I live in the land of Loving Earth so I can just pop into the IGA near me and pick up a range. ;) Which just reminded me that I have one of their little mandarin hearts somewhere at home. Must eat that.

  10. These bars are so beautiful, glad to hear what's inside matches up to packaging expectations. Thank you for always mentioning the FEP list, I downloaded it on your recommendation months ago! EthicalConsumer.org is an amazing resource too.
    If I won the giveaway I would love to share these bars with one of my clients who is vegan and an all-round good egg. She definitely deserves some quality chocolate for brightening up everyone's day when she is in the studio! @claireoftherocks (Instagram) x

  11. Wow, these sound great and I haven't come across them before. I reviewed some new Raw Choc too today (Raw Halo). I must take a look at the App and see if they are on it. If I was lucky enough to win I would share with Matt who I have turned into a fellow chocoholic! Twitter- @cakelibfront

  12. They all look fab.

    I'd have to share with three people.

    Me, myself and I. :)

  13. Even after your review I thought there was no way raw chocolate would be this good, but I just saw these guys at a vegan festival, and a couple of free samples had me hooked! I treated myself to a small salted caramel bar (I'm told it's in the shape of a heart), and I'll be sharing it with my partner later. I'd also share these bars with him if I won!

    1. Forgot my contact details: @herbivores_heaven on IG.

  14. Sounds amazing! would share with my sister (as if I would have a choice!) ac.random@yahoo.co.uk

  15. I am fairly new to discovering the delights of raw chocolate (I'm sure it never used to be this good...) and if I won, I would share them with my friend who I originally thought was the most die-hard meat eater but who is trying his hardest (and succeeding) at being vegan since he got to know me more and we volunteered at an animal sanctuary together :) I like sharing the best vegan treats with him to show it's not a chore! My email is iwillbehereforever@hotmail.com

  16. I'd share my bars with my boyfriend since he would not be happy if I shared them with anyone else! My email is elijaahholland@hotmail.co.uk

  17. I know this is closed now but just testing because I know I entered this but my comment isn't there so seing if it's something weird with my phone and login

  18. Ok it must have been a tech glitch. Gah! Anyway just to tell you that they have these at both branches of Rawr in Staffordshire.

  19. My approach to veganism has always been to kill people with kindness so I would share them with as many people as possible to show vegan chocolate is just as tasty. Cheesy I know but I like to share.

    @umeko_chan / umeko_chan@hotmail.co.uk

  20. Is it bad that I would share this chocolate with just myself? :-/ Delicious.


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