Friday 6 April 2012

Vegan Gelato in Brighton.


I just received a comment from the lovely Ellie that the sorbets at Gelato Gusto probably aren't vegan. They use a base for their sorbets called Pre-Gel which may not be vegan. Ellie spoke to the manager and was told that he's not sure if the sorbets are vegan. I have an e-mail from the manager at Gelato Gusto telling me that the sorbets are vegan and I'll be super disappointed if they lied to me. 

There's a new gelato spot in town! Gelato Gusto opened a couple of weeks ago right on the corner of Gardner Street, at the Bond Street end. Gardner Street is already a vegan mecca with Vegetarian Shoes, the Infinity Foods shop and cafe and I's Pies so this new spot is just making my favourite street even more awesome.

I dropped them an email & was pleased to hear back from the owner who told me that they're planning to have vegan sorbet options every day which will include flavours such as Mango, Lemon, Kibana (Kiwi Banana) and Mojito. They're also planning to make a chocolate gelato and a soy based gelato in the coming weeks. As soon as I heard back from them I went down there to cheek it out, the space is lovely bright & airy and there was a queue out of the door. They had Berry, Kibana & Mango sorbet to chose from & I picked the Mango.

This was a great sorbet, really creamy . I'm really looking forward to trying their chocolate soy gelato & I peek through the window to look for it every time I walk past. There's nowhere in Brighton to get locally made vegan ice cream yet & if it's good I think it'll be super popular...I'll update you guys when it gets here!

Boho Gelato are quickly becoming a Brighton institution and I headed there over the weekend to check out the Food Festival flavours. Each flavour was inspired by and included products from other local companies.

They had six vegan sorbets to choose from... 'Seductress' Martini, Purple Haze, Strawberry, Basil & Black Pepper...

...Myzo (Vanilla Vodka, Lemon, Elderflower & Chilli), Middle Farm Cider and WJ King Blonde Beer & Lime.

After much deliberation I chose the flavour inspired by one of my other favourite Brighton eateries, Pizza Face.

This Strawberry, Basil & Black Pepper sorbet was truly excellent, the basil was perfectly blended into the strawberry sorbet and the black pepper was really subtle & just left a slight tingle at the back of the throat. The other brilliant thing about Boho Gelato, as I've mentioned before, is that they have vegan cones! I love a good cone, they make eating gelato even more fun!

Whilst we're talking about Pizza Face have you tried their Vegan Meathead yet?

It's Nicks favourite! My favourite is the Ham & Pineapple which comes with sour cream, I thought that sounded a little strange at first but it's so damn good. The only problem is that I'm kinda allergic to pineapple (even though I love it) so I usually swap it for mushrooms! We both love that you can order a tub of Boho Gelato sorbet from them with your pizza order.

Last time we ordered pizza we got a tub of the Mint Chocolate sorbet which is delicious, even Nick likes it & he hates mint! When it runs out I'll be replacing it with some Mojito or, if they have it, my very favourite sorbet, Chocolate & Blood Orange.

So, if you're in Brighton this bank holiday weekend I suggest you hunt down some gelato & if you see the new soya chocolate ice cream at Gelato Gusto lemme know!


  1. OMG! They sound amazing! I'm going there next time I go to Brighton

  2. I need to go to Brighton! Wow :)

  3. I read this before going to bed and dreamt of ice cream. Only the flavours they sold in my dream were 'mayo' or 'rainbow dust', which which when I asked, was 'cheese with bits' flavour.

  4. That's so exciting! I was in the area the other day and didn't see Gelato Gusto. I'd also messaged Boho to ask about vegan flavours. Great that they always have vegan options and great to hear that they are good!

  5. Those flavors sound awesome! And vegan "meat" pizza? I'm in love.
    I nominated you for a versatile blogger award! You check out my post for more info:

  6. Oh Goodness, so much to choose from! It all looks so good.
    I'm jelly :(
    I get so upset, especially in the summertime. We have no vegan icecream or gelato options near us. I mean can't they even supply one flavor for us?

  7. You're lucky! I wish we had a vegan gelato/sorbet shop around here. The strawberry-basil-black pepper flavor looks so good! Funny, I'm kind of allergic to pineapple too, but only fresh pineapple - the icky stuff from a can doesn't bother me at all. Go figure!

  8. Fantastic ice cream choices! Mojito sounds really great and I love mango sorbet!

  9. I tried all the Boho Gelato festival flavours. The Myzo and the Strawberry, Basil & Black Pepper were the best in my opinion, the 'Seductress' Martini was pretty good, the cider on was okay and the beer one was rather weird. I really didn't like the Purple Haze liquorice one though so didn't buy any of that after my sample taste.

    My all time favourite is anything chocolate and I'm really missing the Chocolate Mint from Pizza Face (as it is deep frozen it stays frozen for longer when travelling). I'm really looking forward to trying the chocolate blood orange when it reappears.

    I'm not a huge fan of normal fruity flavour sorbets so I think I will hold out for the appearance of a chocolate flavour before trying Gelato Gusto.

  10. I went to Boho Gelato the other day and they had a Hazelnut & Coffee sorbet on - it was divine!

  11. Loving the blog

    And oh my gosh... I was drooling as I read this post - A Vegan Meathead Pizza? It looks incredible. I may be popping down to Brighton (as we Londoner's do) this coming Sunday! You've just given me my first port of call. :P


  12. Vegan in Brighton- important news for you! I went to Gelato Gusto today to check out their sorbets and decided to do a bit of research, as I've got a bit of inside knowledge about how ice cream making works. I asked the manager which base he uses for the sorbets and he said he uses Pre Gel- I then asked if the sorbets were vegan and he said he WASN'T SURE. I was shocked, because I read your posts and I know you've been sold those sorbets as vegan. I know that the 'Pre Gel Neutro Fruit' that many gelato places use as a base for their sorbets ISN'T VEGAN. I did the same at Boho Gelato, however, and they were very forthcoming- the manager had done his homework and showed me the base ingredients which were indeed vegan. I didn't try anything at Gelato Gusto, but frankly even if he changes his sorbet ingredients I don't think I will go back there on principle.

    1. Wow, thanks for investigating Ellie! I actually have an e-mail from the manager telling me that the sorbets are vegan so I'm super shocked that they lied to me. I'm very happy that Boho Gelato have been much more honest about their vegan options, their sorbet's WAY better anyway! I'm going to edit this post to reflect the info you found & thank you for letting me know.


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