Monday 15 April 2013

V Revolution.

V Revolution is pretty damn high up on the list of my favourite thing about Manchester. I originally stumbled upon the store when I took a breather from the crazily busy Northern Vegan Festival on Saturday and I ended up back there again yesterday.

V Revolution sell plenty of frozen and refrigerated vegan staples as well as records and a great selection of drinks, sweets, biscuits and chocolates.

As well as the store area itself they have a large seating area which was consistently busy with people who'd popped in for a tea, coffee or quick bite to eat. As an additional bonus very single person who works there is lovely - super friendly and really knowledgeable about Manchester's vegan scene.

I was excited to spot both new kinds of Goody Good Stuff sour gummies and they have wi-fi. Perfect for a travelling vegan trying to blog from the road.  

Above all else I love V Revoloution's commitment to ridiculously delicious fast food! They've recently gotten a grill / panini press thing for behind their counter and they're now slinging out hot sandwiches and burgers at the weekends. Yesterday I sampled their Towering Inferno Burger!

Um, yeah, I don't even really know what to say about this epic creation! It was one of the raddest things ever. Consisting of two chicken burgers, two hash browns, two kinds of cheese, lettuce, and, for my chili allergic self, a tactical switch out of the salsa for a thousand island style dressing and sliced tomatoes. Obviously it was delicious. You really can't go wrong with Fry's chicken burgers or hash browns! Both cheeses were perfectly melted too and I really liked the soft, lightly toasted bun.

Apparently most people deconstruct this burger or eat it with the accompanying cutlery but not me, nope, I just went for it with my hands - it would be wrong to eat this and not end up covered in sauce so that is exactly what I did.

V Revolution is a must visit destination if you're in the North of England and it's definitely worth travelling to if you're not.


  1. Manchester has never let me down...well apart from the weather! This is now on my 'go to' list. Thanks jojo!

    Was this called something else before V revolution? The whole set up sounds familiar to another cafe/record shop I went to a few times in Manchester circa 2006.

    Jo x

  2. That burger really does look epic!

  3. Jo - you could be thinking of Oklahoma, which used to house pelican records, who are now online only.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! That is indeed the place. I thought pelican records was ace. Thats where I'm going to go and waste my money now :)

    2. Thanks for answering Jo's question Rebecca!

  4. Whoa. Hash browns and vegan chicken patties together on a burger!! That just blew my mind!!

  5. THAT BURGER LOOKS INCREDIBLE. But there it is, so I just gotta believe it.


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