Monday 19 November 2012

Food swap & a new falafel joint.

This weekend was pretty rad! Nick was around all weekend so we got to hang out loads, yay! We went shopping for fun ingredients for Vegan Eats World recipes on Saturday and whilst we were out we checked out the new falafel place on Sydney Street called We Heart Falafel.

We Heart Falafel make a vegan falafel wrap and a falafel salad bowl as well as some things with cheese in that we didn't pay attention to! The wrap and the bowl are vegan if you leave off the yoghurt sauce. I was a little disappointed when I realised that the only vegan sauce was chilli (allergies!), why no tahini sauce? But I was soon happy again after I tasted this delicious wrap.

It has hummus so it didn't really need another sauce and it was stuffed full of falafel and yummy salad which included crispy lettuce, beetroot, tomato & grated carrot. I loved this slightly toasted wrap & at £3.50 it's a total bargain. I'll definitely be eating it again soon.

On Saturday night we went to the Reclaim The Night march organised by Brighton Feminist Collective. It was such an amazing and inspiring evening. I was stewarding which meant that I helped keep people outa the way of oncoming traffic & I got to wear a fluorescent jacket! There's a video of the march and some of the speeches and poetry at the rally afterwards here.

On Sunday we dyed our hair, I've been bored of my blonde hair for a while now & I'm excited that it's pink & blue again!

My UK Vegan Food Swap package arrived just before the weekend and even if the box had been empty I think I'd have still been happy! Look...

I love Hello Kitty! How did they know?!! Normally I re-use boxes asap to send stuff but I might have to keep this one for storing things in! Unsurprisingly the stuff inside the box was great too.

The package included Love Hearts, banana chips, lots of healthy bars, Kettle Vegetable Chips, pea & hemp protein powders, a Cat & The Cream cupcake and an adorable card.

The cupcake didn't survive so well in the post and the cake part had dried out a little but the frosting was still absolutely delicious. I ate the Love Hearts at the Reclaim The Night rally, they were fun to pass out to friends new & old, and the vegi crisps lasted the time it took for me to drink a Hollows Ginger Beer. What a perfect combo! I've been a bit slack at sending my parcel out but I'm heading to the post office right after I publish this, I promise!

I also recently received a package of Trek bars from the people over at Natural Balance Foods. They sent me a whole box of my favourite flavour, Cocoa Brownie. Yum!

The people at Natural Balance Foods are also the people behind the Nákd bars I know & love. Small world! I still haven't tried the new Cafe Mocha flavour or the Cherry Infused Raisins, I'll have to try to pick some up when I head to the post office.

Last time I posted that my copy of Vegan Eats World had arrived, I've been steadily collecting ingredients and trying out new recipes and I'm loving it so far. My next post will be all about what I've made, see ya soon!


  1. I absolutely love the Nakd bars! Especially the Banana Bread ones. Although I've had trouble finding individual bars of them. Shame. I'll give the trek ones a go though.

    We heart falafel sounds lovely! It makes a nice change from going to Iydea. Thanks for the heads up.

    Jo :)

    P.S - That box is so cute!

  2. That falafel looks fabulous! And I love the card! Soo cute.

  3. Can I just say, that I love that your shirt matches your hair? So cute :)

    That’s a kick ass swap package, I don’t think I’ve heard of any of that stuff before. I really hope we get that flavor of kettle chips here at some point because they sound like they would be awesome!

  4. fun weekend, jojo! i love your hairs.

  5. That falafel looks soooo good :) I might have to make some of my own.....your hair looks rad too! x

  6. I <3 your kitty phone cover!

  7. Love your hair!

    And by the way, the cherry raisins are awesome :)

  8. the mocha flavour Nakd is fab! Nice work to whoever sent you that swap box!

  9. The Cherry raisins are amazing!! have you ever heard of graze boxes? They do some amazing flavoured fruit/nuts etc! ...enjoy x

  10. *Off to ebay to look for that phone cover!!*
    <3 <3 <3

  11. ahh your hair looks awesome. Nice, I'll look forward to getting falafel at some point when I'm down! :)

  12. I just got Vegan Eats World and bookmarked about a thousand recipes to try!

    Loving the food swap idea. We should organize a US-UK swap. Also loving the new hair color(s).

  13. Love the hair! Also love the look of that wrap! :)

  14. Making small changes to your diet can help you to shed excess pounds and achieve a healthy weight.

  15. You are so freaking cute! Bubblegum pink is my favorite hair color, I used to sport it myself : ) And I want that unicorn shirt!


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