Sunday, 12 April 2009

My First Post

Today I was at work when my boyfriend popped in to tell me that Red Veg is now selling vegan cake.

Of course I had to run over there immediately to see if this was true, and it was! They had two kinds, Chocolate Coffee cake and Banana and Walnut cake...of course I got both. Unfortunately I had people to pierce and had to get back to work so I sent the cake away with the boy so I could have it when I got back home.

First of all the cake was only £1.35 a slice, now compared to other vegan cake prices around here this is really cheap, you'd usually be paying about £2.75 - £3.75 a slice. Secondly this cake rocks. I love to bake and thanks to the cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World I'm not too bad at it therefore finding cake I'd be willing to pay for is a challenge.

The Banana and Walnut cake was really moist with decent pieces of walnut, a subtle not overpowering banana flavour and a sweet but not too sugary icing. I had some room left so I had the Chocolate Coffee cake too, topped with coconut flakes this one was also really moist but a little more dense. It had a great strong coffee flavour and an awesome fudgy chocolate icing.

I already find it hard not to eat Red Veg's breaded mushrooms every day but I think trying to keep me away from this cake is going to be even more of a challenge. If you get the chance visit red veg, get some cake...If they can't sell enough they might stop doing it which would be rubbish!


  1. Awesome! Like I need another reason to love RedVeg? If only they had branches in every town..... *sigh*

  2. i need to find a cheap flight to brighton, me thinks!


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