Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Take me to the ball game.

I'm not the biggest sports fan but if anything's going to get me into a stadium to watch a game I don't understand it's the promise of food!

Last weekend whilst Nick and I were in Seattle we headed out to watch the Mariners play baseball with PPK buddies Ben and Gus. This stadium has a truly astounding amount of vegan food for a sporting establishment hence the collection of non-sports fans Nick managed to convince to come along!

Our first stop was always going to be the Field Roast stand. Located in a small and ├╝ber vegan friendly food court between stands 132 and 133 this cart serves up all-vegan chilli cheese dogs, franks and burgers.  

I went for this beauty. A frankfurter with onions and cheese sauce. This "monstrosity", as one of my companions referred to it, was crazy delicious and well worth the walk around the stadium from our section for. I topped it with sauerkraut because, well, why wouldn't you? This made it even harder to eat but that's probably why it comes with not one but two boxes and a fork!

If you aren't in the mood for this ball game classic the food court also includes Bao Choi, a steamed bun stand from the people behind Vedge restaurant in Philadelphia, and The Natural, a healthier kinda place that still serves dogs and burgers but also has hummus, soups and smoothies.

The next must-try food at SAFECO field has to be the garlic fries. These are available from most of the regular burger / fry / soft drink stations situated around the concourse and are vegan as is.

These were some of the best fries ever. Perfectly crispy and super garlicky, what more could you want?  Well... maybe some Veganaise!!

If you get the chance, sports fan or not, I'd say catching a Mariners game is a must if you're in Seattle. They've certainly hit a home run with their vegan options!


  1. Wow, that's fab there was so much you could eat! Can't wait to hear about your Portland adventures!

  2. I'm not the biggest sports fan either but occasionally I'll go to an Aussie Rules game with my man and there are no vegan options apart from hot chips. I'm constantly amazed with the vegan food that is on offer all over the US, I can't believe there is a Field Roast stall at a sports stadium. That dog looks awesome!

    Hope you have a great time in Portland!

  3. I don't do sports, but I kind of want to go just to spend the whole game eating!

  4. This could not be a more different experience than I've had at Baseball stadiums in SF!


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